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How to say it?

How to say it?

The journey continues …. Last month I presented my Project number 4 in my Toastmasters club.


This is an important project . In fact many people believe this should be taken as the first sign, of one being serious about achieving his or her Competent Communicator goal. I’m sharing with you what I learned while preparing and delivering this speech

  •        I learned that when I do a presentation I need to adapt my vocabulary so people don’t need a dictionary to decipher my message
  •        I learned the importance of removing jargon in my message
  •        I learned how to choose words to appeal senses. When I’m able to transport someone so s/he feels, sees, tastes what I felt, saw, tasted … it means I got the message across.
  •        I learned that repetition used wisely thorough my speech it makes it memorable, and it helps to retain the message. In my speech this was “The more you give, the more you get, the happier everyone is around you”
  •        I learned that speeches that are simple are easier to understand and they are remembered. Once again the genius Leonardo da Vinci was right “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
  •        I learned how to use some rhetorical devices. This is something totally new for me and I found this area fascinating. Feel free to check this amazing site from John Zimmer(the Master in this field) to know more about this great technique



·      With the feedback I received

o    I learned that I need to be stronger in my conclusion. I need to ensure I close the speech with a call for action. That’s the key in any presentation, it needs to answer the question not only about what’s in it for me? But also move people to do something (whatever the message of your speech is)

o   I learned that I need to move better in the stage and use all the space that I have in the scenario. In public speaking is often said that the stage is you kingdom and you have to rule it. Next time I deliver a speech I’ll practice more lateral movement following this rule

o   I learned that the Bell curve is right. Some people said in the written feedback I received that “I over performed, so much emphasis that seems a lie, no trustable” (although it’s based on a real situation I had recently in one of my trips). However, others gave me a total different feedback (Great energy, emphasis and passion, very clear message) Overall I believe that being energetic in a speech can never be a bad symptom and I really love the diversity in opinions! Bell curve rocks!


This time I delivered the speech in front of a bigger audience than I’m used to, and that was a great feeling!, I sweat, a lot!, I was nervous, but I did it!, I delivered my speech!, one more baby step in my journey to become a competent communicator J

Are you interested in reading my speech? J
In that case please click on this LINK and please feel free to reach out to give feedback. I love feedback, as we say in our club, feedback is the breakfast of the champions!


Have a great day!



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