My career plan Be an armadillo

Localization professionals are often applauded for and encouraged to develop “thick skin.” A profesional with “thick skin” is not crushed by criticism nor destroyed by disappointing results, but how do we develop a thick skin?

A Cost-Saving Localization Tip You Should Know

Root Cause Analysis as a way to optimize our Globalization budget. Treating individual symptoms may feel productive. It feels like something is getting done. But if we don’t actually diagnose the real root cause of a problem we’ll likely have the same exact problem over and over and over again.

How to make a business case in Localization?

What convinces a business manager to localize our brand new product?

The answer may seem obvious; growth, reach. However, the reality won't be straightforward. A good business case about why we should localize our product should be the cornerstone of our Localization strategy.