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My career plan Be an armadillo

Localization professionals are often applauded for and encouraged to develop “thick skin.” A profesional with “thick skin” is not crushed by criticism nor destroyed by disappointing results, but how do we develop a thick skin?

A Cost-Saving Localization Tip You Should Know

Root Cause Analysis as a way to optimize our Globalization budget. Treating individual symptoms may feel productive. It feels like something is getting done. But if we don’t actually diagnose the real root cause of a problem we’ll likely have the same exact problem over and over and over again.

How to make a business case in Localization?

What convinces a business manager to localize our brand new product?

The answer may seem obvious; growth, reach. However, the reality won't be straightforward. A good business case about why we should localize our product should be the cornerstone of our Localization strategy.

English is just another language, why then we have first-class citizens and second-class citizens depending on the language we speak?

Many companies obtain great benefits from international markets, and all those customers who do not speak English often receive an app with a quality lower than English. We want their money, but we do not want to have the same level of demand for the English version as for the localized one. This week in my post I reflect if that mindset is the right one ....

They are more than G-localization Project Managers ... they are diplomats, negotiators, cultural ambassadors

I think that the Project Manager job is a simple job … if it were not for the people 😏

This week in my post I explore THE soft-skill that every Project Manager working in this global industry must master, by the way …. Let’s stop referring to this skill as a soft-skill, it’s not “soft” anymore, it’s crucial, it’s core … and it’s hard to get and polish.