Can we talk about cultural intelligence without putting people into boxes and stereotyping them?

Let's imagine this situation, one possible conversation between Jeniffer a Canadian girl who was living in Valencia for 2 years and John an American guy that we'll be traveling to Spain to meet with some potential clients.

If Jeniffer says to John something like this “ When you discuss business with Spanish people, remember this, this and that .” I would say in this situation…. Jeniffer, which Spanish are you talking about? A Spanish from Valencia or a Spanish who lives in Galicia, or maybe a Spanish from Madrid who lived 5 years in Ireland, then moved to Silicon Valley to work for Apple and now is working in Seville?

Stereotypes are dangerous when what we seek is to increase our Cultural Intelligence but there’s one way we can deal with them!!

Why Cultural Intelligence is Important in a Remote Team

The Remote Only Manifesto first “rule” is Hiring and working from all over the world instead of a central location. Few industries will promote and live this principle as strongly as the localization industry. But, getting results and being effective working remotely requires the right mindset. Luckily once again the superpower skill of Cultural Intelligence comes to our rescue

Management vs Leadership in the Globalization/localization industry. Is it the same, is it different?

Sometimes it seems that leadership skills is something innate, that either one is born with them or that we can never have them. Also frequently in different articles and books is spoken of being a manager or leader. But is that really what is needed to implement an effective globalization strategy? Do we really need to choose between being a manager or a leader to implement localization processes that are solid and efficient? Some food for thoughts in this after summer holiday post 🙂

How to create our vision for an Agile team; Queen inspires me!

November 1985 Queen released a great song “One Vision”. That song was inspired by the famous Martin Luther King speech. During 4:02 minutes Freddie Mercury surrounded by his faithful friends sang to the world about the importance of remaining together to create a vision. 30 years later we can not enjoy the presence of Freddy Mercury among us anymore but we can use his strength and charisma to help us define a vision following the Agile Framework!

My main 3 learnings while shaping new habits

Why do we do what we do? How do we create new habits? Why Florentino Perez has time to lead Real Madrid and being the CEO of ACS while I struggled this morning to find time to buy some fresh vegetables? In this post, I write about my main 3 key takeaways while working to shape new habits. Lessons learned!

How to read a book?

Easter break! what a great opportunity to grab a cup a coffee or a glass of wine and immerse you in the pleasure of reading .. but, do you know how to read? do you really know it? Have a look at my latest posts in case yu are not sure of the answer :)